Nature's Miracle Allergen Blocker - Dog Wipes

by Nature's Miracle
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  • Soft wipes neutralize allergen-causing pet dander
  • Gently deodorize dog's coat
  • Proven formula - created by an allergist
  • Deactivates dander
  • Safe for use on pets & near humans
  • 25 count

If you or your loved ones have an affinity for dogs but are allergic to dog dander, give Nature's Miracle Allergen Blocker Dog Wipes a try. These soft wipes gently deodorize dogs' coats and neutralize the dander allergens to which people can be sensitive. Simply cleaning with your basic household cleaners don't deactivate pet dander however, Nature's Miracle Allergen Blocker Dog Wipes does completely deactivate the dander! This patented, proven formula was designed by an allergist to contain natural active and inactive ingredients that naturally break down the proteins that cause reactions to pet dander. 

These wipes are safe for humans and pets. Each container holds 25 soft dog wipes.


  1. Open tab 

  2. Pull out number of wipes needed, close tab tightly to keep in moisture 

  3. Wipe pet as needed

  4. Dispose of wipes in garbage, do not flush wipes