Orijen Freeze-Dried Original Dog Food

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  • Biologically Appropriate
  • Whole Prey Diet – Chicken, Turkey, Fish & Eggs
  • Fresh, Regional Ingredients
  • Never Outsourced
  • Gently Freeze-Dried
  • Low Glycemic Formula
  • Botanical Inclusions
  • Source of Glucosamine and Chondroitin
  • No Synthetic Protein/No Added Fat
  • Easy to Make – 5 Minutes
  • Daily diet or treat
  • Available in 6 oz and 16 oz bags
  • For all breeds and life stages
  • Made in the USA

About Orijen Freeze-Dried

Orijen Freeze-Dried Dog Food has a simple and strong vision to deliver the best and freshest ingredients gently freeze-dried so your dog will receive all the benefits of raw food!

Biologically Appropriate

It is has been noted that your dog is a close relative of the wolf. Being so genetically close and evolved as carnivores, all dogs are biologically adapted to thrive on a diet of varied whole meats with small amounts of fresh fruits, berries and grasses. This is why the freeze-dried recipe is packed with 90% fresh meat ingredients, 10% fresh fruits, vegetables and botanicals, and 0% grain, potato or GMO.

Whole Prey Diet

The idea behind a whole prey diet is relates to the "biologically appropriate" philosophy. Since dogs have evolved as carnivores, they are accustomed to eating whole prey, including richly nourishing liver, heart, bone marrow and cartilage. The benefit of a whole prey diet is it supplies essential vitamins and minerals in their natural form, reducing the need for synthetic ingredients. This is how your dog would have naturally obtained its nutrients in the wild, thus nourishing your dog completely.

Fresh, Regional Ingredients

To eliminate the confusion of the term ‘fresh’, Orijen’s definition of fresh ingredients means Never Frozen, Preservative Free, and Authentic. To sustain such a degree of freshness, this means ingredients are delivered to Orijen's USA kitchens daily, arriving within a day or two of harvest and the only means of preservation is refrigeration. Not only are the ingredients fresh, they are tested to be "fit for human consumption."

Gently Freeze-Dried

Freeze-dried dog food provides the benefits of raw food combined with the ease of serving kibble. Unlike conventional dog foods, Orijen’s Freeze-Dry food is made without cooking, but rather with unique flash-freezing techniques. This locks in all the flavor and nutrients, getting the most out the fresh ingredients.

Low Glycemic Formula

Your dog’s natural diet typically contains very few carbohydrates. Therefore, this dog food is potato-free and contains less than half the carbohydrates in conventional dog food. The benefit of a low glycemic food is it does not a create a spike in blood sugar which can lead to weight. Rather, a low glycemic food will cause the blood sugar to rise at a more consistent rate, making weight management easier while providing the energy your dog needs.

Botanical Inclusions

Dogs will naturally seek out certain plants and weeds to enhance their bodies. The benefit of these botanical inclusions is they serves as tonics and builders to strengthen organs and tissues, as well as aid in digestion. Botanicals also aid in eliminating toxins by stimulating processes such as cleansing of the liver.

Source of Glucosamine and Chondroitin

The fresh poultry, fish, and meats provide a rich and 100% natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin. These supplements are essential for healthy joints and mobility.

No Synthetic Protein & No Added Fat

All protein and fat sources are 100% natural. This formula is made with 90% of cage-free chicken, cage-free turkey, herring and whole nest-laid eggs to mimic your dog’s natural diet and appropriate protein levels.

Easy to Make

Simply add warm water with the appropriate amount of medallions, wait 5 minutes, then serve. Since this food is freeze-dried from its raw state, this food is highly palatable and nutritious that dogs will eat it as a treat and is healthy enough for a daily diet.


  • 170G - Approximately 12 medallions per bag
  • 454G - Approximately 30 medallions per bag

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein (min): 40%
Crude Fat (min): 34%
Crude Fiber (max): 5%
Moisture (max): 4%
Ash (max.): 9%
Dietary starch (max.): 1%
Sugar (max.):  1.5%
Calcium (min/max): 1.4% / 3%
Phosphorus (min/max): 1.2% / 2%
Omega-6 (min): 5.5%
Omega-3 (min): 1%
EPA (min): 0.2%
DHA (min): 0.2%
Calorie Content 4980 kcal/kg or 75 kcal/medallion


Orijen Freeze-Dried Feeding ChartFeeding Instructions

  1. Place Orijen medallions into a clean dish and break into quarters
  2. Pour 1/4 cups (60mL) of warm water over each medallion. Water should be warm to touch, not hot
  3. Stirring will speed rehydration time
  4. Medallions will rehydrate in 3-5 minutes and are best served when soft throughout


Raw chicken meat ground with bone (35%), raw chicken liver (18%), raw turkey meat (14%), raw whole herring (9%), eggs (4.5%), pea fibre, raw turkey liver (2.5%), raw turkey heart (2.5%), raw flounder (2.5%), raw chicken heart (2%), whole pumpkin, collard greens, carrots, whole apples, salt, dried kelp, potassium chloride. ADDITIVES (per kg): Nutritional additives (per KG): zinc chelate of amino acids hydrate: 72mg, calcium-D-pantothenate: 25mg, cupric chelate of amino acids hydrate: 12mg, manganese chelate of amino acids hydrate: 10mg. Technological additives: tocopherol rich extract of natural origin: 250IU.