Litterlocker LitterBox with Scoop

by LitterLocker
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  • High rise, domeless litter box design
  • Designed as a functional litter box that is easy to clean
  • Uses a glossy, flexible plastic with round edges and built-in sprout - easy to pour
  • Integrated side handles 
  • Same dimensions as common litter box designs
  • Available only in one size, litter scoop included
  • Made in Canada
Made in Canada
Made in Canada

The Litterlocker LitterBox with Scoop is a high rise, domeless litter box designed not only as a functional litter box but also to make a full litter box cleaning easy. The litterbox is designed with built-in high rise walls, domeless and round edges that allow the litter box to be moved without hassle, keep litter that your cat is kicking inside and allows your cat to see his surroundings. Great for cats who need to make sure their surrounding is safe before, during and after using the litter.

Full litter box cleaning is easy with this litter box thanks to the built-in handles, glossy bottom and built in-sprout. Just lift, and tilt the sprout towards the garbage bag and the litter will slide out, the glossy base prevents litter from sticking and makes wiping the inside a breeze. 

Litterbox comes with a litter scoop and is available only in one size, please see the specifications for more details; Made in Canada.

Litter Locker Dimensions

56.6x44.7x40 cm (22.3x17.6x16")