LitterLocker II Refill Cartridges

by LitterLocker
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  • Odourless barrier bag refill
  • Compatible with the LitterLocker II
  • Convenient and hygienic
  • Easy to replace refill
  • 1 cartridge saves up to 60 grocery bags
  • Available in single and 3-packs
  • Made in Canada
Made in Canada
Made in Canada

The LitterLocker II Refill Cartridges contain the odourless barrier bag refills for the LitterLocker II.

The cartridges are easy to refill and easy to use. Daily cat litter waste from one cat can be stored in the Litter Locker II for up to two weeks. All odours and bacteria are sealed away in an odourless barrier bag, which can be emptied and refilled. One refill cartridge should last up to 60 days. Available in single and 3-packs. Please see the specification tab for more information about this product.

  • Refill Diameter: 17.15 cm (6.75")
  • Height: 5 cm (2")
  • One refill cartridge should last up to 60 days.

Three-Step LitterLocker II Refill Cartridge Preparation

Litter Locker Refill 3-Steps

  1. Break seal tab and strip off seal.
  2. Pull up odourless barrier bag.
  3. Tie knot in bag and pull through middle hole to create a basket for soiled litter waste

Place the prepared refill cartridge in LitterLocker II.