Le Salon Essentials Shedding Blade

by Le Salon
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  • Removes dead hair
  • Removes excess water after bathing
  • Promotes a healthy coat
  • Helps control shedding
  • Best for medium to dense coat dog breeds

The Le Salon Essentials Dog Shedding Blade helps you remove loose, shedding dog hair the easy way.

The Shedding Blade can be used as a regular shedding removal tool, but also as a tool for removing excess water after bathing. Recommended as a grooming tool for medium to dense dog coats, but can be used as a general shedding tool for most dog breeds.

Le Salon Essentials Dog Grooming Products provide a full range of grooming tools and accessories for dogs. Choose from a wide variety of brushes, combs and grooming accessories in an assortment of styles and sizes. Groom pets regularly to ensure a healthy and trouble-free coat.

Le Salon Essentials Dog Shedding Blade

  • Red Handle
  • Size: 30 cm x 4.45 cm (11 3/4" x 1 3/4")
  • Blade 1.75 cm (11/16") Width


  • Stroke the blade along dog's coat from head to tail using long sweeping strokes.
  • Use twice weekly, stroking from head to tail for more effectiveness.
  • To remove excess water after bathing, stroke dog from head to tail using the smooth side of the shedding blade.