Hurtta Cooling Vest

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  • Comfortable Cooling Vest
  • Keeps the chest area cool - vital for circulation and body temperature
  • Highly absorbent - absorbs more than a terry cloth
  • Easy to put on
  • Great for warm weather, training and shows
  • Made from 100% polyester
  • Available in sizes xx-small to xx-large and in blue or lilac colours.

Keep the hot weather away from your best friend with the Hurtta Cooling Vest. This lightweight cooling vest uses no cooling gel but instead made from 100% polyester. The cooling vest is highly absorbent, it absorbs more water than a terry cloth, and retains the moisture for an ample amount of time; If the vest starts to dry, pour water on it and continue with your outdoor fun. This vest will keep the heart and chest area cool and helps your dog keep his body circulation and temperature at normal levels, perfect to use not only for warm weather but also for dog shows and training.

Easy to put on, the cooling vest slips through the front legs and zips up for a comfortable fit. Underneath the zipper is an overlapping fabric to protect your dog's hair from getting caught in the zipper and an interior clip to secure the vest.

Hurtta Cooling Vest is available in xx-small up to xx-large sizes, please see the specifications tab for more information. 

Sizing Chart

Size Back Length Chest
XXS 28 cm (11") 36 cm (14")
XS 32 cm (13") 44 cm (17")
S 37 cm (15") 51 cm (20")
M 44 cm (17") 61 cm (24")
L 49 cm (19") 71 cm (28")
XL 57 cm (22") 82 cm (32")
XXL 78 cm (31") 101 cm (40")

Sizing Chart