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  1. ZippyPaws Burrow - Honey Pot - Set
    ZippyPaws Burrow - Honey Pot
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  2. ZippyPaws Burrow - Aliens in UFO
    ZippyPaws Burrow - Aliens in UFO
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Puppy toys are more than just for fun. They are an important part of a puppy's development. When shopping for the perfect gift for a puppy, consider our best-selling puppy chew toys, puppy teething toys, puppy puzzle toys, and puppy plush toys.

Puppy toys are some of the best puppy gifts. Puppies are endlessly curious, which can lead a nosey pup into a sticky, messy, or dangerous situation. Puppy plush toys, like Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppy, are a great first puppy toy for very young puppies that are in need of a soft, cuddle buddy.

Interactive puppy toys are great gifts for curious and playful puppies. Outward Hound Puppy Puzzle Toys can help support your dog's cognitive development by mentally stimulating them while they play. They often hold treats or kibble to encourage your dog to solve the puzzle and get rewarded.

Puppies also love to chew, so durable puppy chew toys help them learn what they can and can’t chew on. Kong Puppy and the Beco Pets Bone are both soft rubber puppy chew toys that feel great on tender gums but durable enough to withstand moderate chewers.

What are the best toys for 8-week-old puppies? Teething starts as early as 3 weeks, so try a Nylabone Teething Keys or the JW Butterfly Chew-ee Teether Toy can help to relieve discomfort and massage the gums. Whether you’re shopping for your own puppy or looking for a gift for a friend's new furry pal, puppy teething toys are a smart investment for young puppies.