Fluval BIOMAX Bio Rings

by Fluval
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  • Designed for Fluval canister filters and other external filters
  • Provides large amounts of surface area for beneficial bacteria growth
  • Enables ideal water movement for optimal biological filtration
  • Reduce and control ammonia and nitrate
  • For freshwater and saltwater environments

Fluval BioMax provides the necessary surface area for a healthy biological filtration system. Each bead is very porous, allowing bacteria to grow and thrive. This bacteria then helps control ammonia and nitrate in your aquarium, maintaining a healthy system.


  • Rinse thoroughly before placing in filter
  • Place after carbon and other chemical filtration media
  • Replace about once per year - never replace all media at once. We recommend removing small amounts of your established biological media and replace it with new media. This will ensure that existing bacteria will stimulate growth on the new media. 
  • Use Nutrafin Cycle when replacing BioMax
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