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  • 15 litre (3.96 US Gal) plastic aquarium with removable cover
  • Includes integrated pump, filter and LED lighting
  • Filter comes with carbon plus ceramic cartridges
  • LED lighting includes 10 white and 1 blue bulbs
  • 3-way light settings, day, night, on/off
  • Low-voltage power supply
  • Three water setup options
  • Biological aquarium supplement & water conditioner
  •  Size: 38.7 cm (15 1/4") H x 43.8 cm (17 1/4") W x 22.9 cm (9") D

Marina Splash is an elegantly-styled small aquarium that looks great on countertops, desktops and pedestals, in homes or offices. The aquarium has a unique oval shape that allows a clear and unobstructed view of your aquascape. It comes complete with integrated LED lighting, pump and filter, creating an amazingly healthy aquatic environment with a brilliant view. The powerful LED lighting system includes 3 Positions: On/Off switch, Bright Daytime and Deep Blue Nighttime. The aquarium can be set up as a cold, temperate or tropical environment. A heater (sold separately) can be installed in the housing unit.

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