Feliway Classic Diffuser Starter Kit

by Feliway
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  • Odourless pheromone designed for cats
  • Easy to use - plugin to any electrical wall outlet
  • Veterinarian-recommended and clinically proven
  • Treats behaviour such as scratching, spraying and cat anxiety
  • The starter kit comes with one diffuser and one 48 mL refill - additional refills are sold here and here

Feliway Classic Diffuser Starter Kit is a stress-reducing odourless pheromone diffuser designed for cats and kittens to help calm and reduce behaviours such as urine marking and scratching associated with anxiety and stress.

Once the diffuser has been plugged into an electrical wall with a Feliway 48 mL refill, odourless pheromones will be emitted into the area that cats are associated with a calm or happy message continuously to help your cat during new moments in their life or the family or during stressful moments such as fireworks.

Feliway is clinically proven, and veterinarian-recommended, each starter kit comes with one diffuser and one 48 mL refill. Please see the specifications tab for more information.

Refills are available here and here.


Attach refill to the diffuser and plug the diffuser into a wall outlet located in an open area where your cat spends its time. The diffuser treats up to 70 m2 (750 ft2). Diffuser refills last up to 30 days; please replace the diffuser component every six months. Do not place the diffuser under shelves, behind doors, curtains or furniture, as the product will not work as effectively as it should.

Results may vary, improvements may start to appear within seven days while sometimes it will be up to three or four weeks.

This product is not a drug or tranquillizer, do not use it directly on animals. Please keep the product out of reach of children and store it at room temperature. For further information, please refer to the package insert.

F3 Feline Facial pheromone analogue, 2%