Exo Terra Ultrasonic Fog Generator Replacement Membrane and Key

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  • Replacement Parts for Exo Terra Fogger (PT-2080)
  • Exo Terra Fogger Membrane and Key

Exo Terra Fogger Replacement Membrane and Key for the Exo Terra Fogger Ultrasonic Fog Generator (PT2080).


  • Unplug the Exo Terra Fogger (PT-2080) unit and remove it from the water container or Waterfall.
  • Using the membrane key, insert the key into the ring nut and turn counter-clockwise.
  • Remove the brass washer and the membrace. 
  • The rubber washer is best left in place.
  • Clean chemical or mineral deposits on the ring nut and the brass washer with a soft cloth and install the new membrane with the black ringside facing down.
  • The inside area of the unit cavity must be completley dry before the parts are installed.
  • Note - There is a front and back of the membrane.