Earth Rated PoopBags - Unscented Compostable Bags

by Earth Rated
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  • Made of 100% vegetable-based renewable resources
  • Corn-based products meet standards for compostability
  • Will gradually dissolve over time
  • Large enough for any pile with dimensions of 9" x 13"
  • Comes with 4 rolls - a total of 60 bags
  • BPI and ASTM D6400 spproved

Earth Rated Poopbags - Unscented Compostable Bags are a corn-based, earth-friendly, biodegradable poop bags. Because of their vegetable-based makeup, these bags will gradually dissolve over time - much faster than traditional plastic poop bags.

Each package contains 4 rolls of 15 bags each for a total of 60 bags. Earth Rated compostable bags are BPI-approved and meet the standard and guidlines of the ASTM D6400.