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  1. Made in Canada
    Snack 21 Wild Pacific Salmon Strips - New Packaging
    Snack21 Wild Pacific Salmon Strips
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  2. Made in Canada
    Snack21 Salmon Skin Rolls
    Snack21 Salmon Skin Rolls
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  3. Made in Canada
    Snack21 Salmon Skin Bones
    Snack21 Salmon Skin Bones
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  4. K9 Natural New Zealand Green Mussels Healthy Snacks
    K9 Natural New Zealand Green Mussels Healthy Snacks
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    Snack21 Salmon Fillets
    Snack21 Salmon Fillets
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  6. Made in Canada
    Snack21 Salmon Skin Crisps
    Snack21 Salmon Skin Crisps
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Natural Dog Chews FAQs

What are natural dog chews, and why are they a great choice for your pet?

Natural chews are dog treats made from natural ingredients like real meat, fruits, and vegetables and are a great choice for pet owners looking to feed their dogs healthy and wholesome snacks.

What are some examples of natural dog chews that are available in Canada?

There are a variety of natural dog chews available in Canada, including bully sticks, antlers, bones, pig ears, and fish skins. Each chew type has unique benefits and is suitable for different types of dogs, so choosing the right one for your pet is important based on their size, breed, and chewing habits.

Are natural dog chews safe for dogs to consume?

Chews for dogs are generally safe for dogs to consume if given in moderation and under supervision. Choose natural chews that are appropriate for your pet, as larger chews can pose a choking hazard.

How often should I give my dog natural chews?

The frequency with which you give your dog natural chews depends on the type of chew and your dog's individual needs. Some chews, like antlers and bones, can be given to dogs for longer periods of time as they slowly wear down, while other chews, like bully sticks, should be given more sparingly. Always follow the recommended guidelines on the packaging and speak to your veterinarian if you have any concerns.

Can natural dog chews help with dental health?

Some natural dog chews, like bully sticks and rawhide bones, can help promote dental health by reducing plaque and tartar buildup on your dog's teeth. However, it's important to choose chews that are appropriate for your dog's chewing habits and dental needs. Regular dental checkups and cleanings are also important for maintaining your dog's dental health.

Where can I find high-quality natural dog chews in Canada?

You can find high-quality natural dog chews at Homes Alive Pets. Choosing chews from trusted brands that use high-quality ingredients and have undergone rigorous testing to ensure safety and quality is important. When picking a chew for your furry friend, always check for product reviews and ratings before making a purchase

Shop Natural Dog Chews in Canada

Your dog respects his natural roots. Keep things down-to-earth with natural chews for dogs. Simple. Healthy. Why mess with a good thing? Dogs love to chew, and they deserve a natural chew that is not only delicious but healthy and safe. You'll find chews for every dog, including pig ears, chicken feet, beef tendons, yak cheese and many, many more! Shop the best selection of dog chews and natural chew sticks in Canada.

Dogs love to chew, and if you don't provide them with safe and nutritious things to chew on, they will find an alternative. More often than not, this alternative can be dangerous or, at the very least, expensive. Natural Chews for dogs provide a tasty and edible activity for your dog to prevent boredom, support dental health, and add a nutritional boost to your dog's diet.

One of the top benefits of natural chews for dogs is to prevent boredom and destructive behaviours. Long-lasting dog chews, like a yak cheese dog chew, can occupy your dog and help them work out their frustrations. A yak milk dog chew is hard and crunchy and gives your dog a satisfying chew session. For dogs that prefer a meatier flavour, then dog bones are a great option. Raw bones for dogs are safest, but there are some smoked dog bones that are suitable for recreational chewing.

Not all natural chews have to be long-lasting to be beneficial. Nutritious dog chew sticks like beef tripe chews or beef tendon chews are excellent for your dog's dental health because they can act like floss as your dog chews. These chew sticks for dogs are also low in fat and high in protein, making them a great chew for dogs that are watching their weight.

Dogs with food allergies need natural chews, too. At Homes Alive Pets, you'll find nutritious and safe dog chews made from novel proteins that are easy to digest and packed with muscle-building protein, like kangaroo chews, fish skins, and rabbit ears.

We are sure you'll find natural dog chews Canada that your dog will love in our selection of natural chews, but remember that variety is the spice of life. Stock up on bully sticks, antlers, jerky treats and more dog treats in Canada.