Plutos Cheese & Beef Healthy Chew for Medium Dogs

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  • All-Natural Cheesy Dog Chew with Beef
  • Long lasting chew designed not to splinter
  • Protein and calcim rich, low in fat and lactose free
  • Hard chew that will soften over time with each chew
  • Helps keep teeth and gums healthy
  • GMO-Free, contains zero nylon or rawhide
  • Suitable for dogs 10 - 20 kgs
  • Available in a single or in a case of 20 bones
  • Made in Portugal
  • Give your dog a long-lasting chew that is gouda for them with Plutos Cheese & Beef Healthy Chew.  This solid chew is made from all-natural European sourced ingredients. It combines fresh beef, cheese and a high-quality lactose-free milk protein called Casein into the mix. This protein is low in calories as well as fat and is known to increase metabolism and has anti-bacterial properties that also aids with decreasing plaque-forming and reducing bad breath. 

    These bones are designed to not splinter as with each chew from your dog combined with his saliva will soften this cheesy bone and crumble over time while brushing away current plaque and massing his gums. Plutos bones are GMO-Free and do not contain any nylon or rawhide as this chew is 100% cheesy goodness.

    Ideal for dogs 10 - 20 kgs, please see the specifications tab for more information. Available in a single or a case of 20 bones, made in Portugal. 

    Guaranteed Analysis

    Protein  50%
    Moisture 20%
    Crude Ash 13.5%
    Crude Fibre <0.5%
    Fat Content 0.2%
    Carbohydrates 8.5%
    Calorie Content: 303 kcal/100 g


    Please supervise your dog with chew and remove it if he is trying to swallow large pieces. This product is intended to be a treat and not meant to be a full meal. Make sure fresh water is available at all times.


    Approximate Measurement

    Small 3x10.5 cm 2.5 cm thick (1.1x4.1" 0.9" thick)


    Feeding Guidelines

    Please offer one bone if your dog is highly active and you are trying to have your dog lose body weight while preserving lean muscle mass. If your dog is not as active and not aiming for him to lose weight or obtain muscle mass offer 2/3 chews per week.