Red Barn Mini Bully Braid

by Red Barn
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  • Braided long-lasting chew
  • Uses free-range, grass-fed cow
  • Help keep your dog mentally stimulated and maintain healthy teeth and gums
  • Suitable for toy to small dog breeds - for light, moderate and power chewers
  • Grain-free uses zero rawhide and all-natural
  • Made in Paraguay

Red Barn Mini Bully Braid is an all-natural braided bully stick that is nutritious and easy to digest. This chew uses pizzle from free-range and grass-fed cattle that have been braided and slowly roasted in their juices for an irresistible chew.

Red Barn's Mini Bully Braid is ideal for mentally stimulating your dog's need to chew. Not only that but the braid will also aid in keeping your dog's teeth and gums looking healthy by brushing the plaque and tarter off with each chew.

Grain-free, natural and uses zero rawhide and is not treated with bleach or other chemicals. This braid is suitable for toy and small dog breeds and suited for light, moderate and power chewers. Always supervise your dog with any chews and remove if your dog starts to swallow large pieces. Please see the specifications tab for further information. Made in Paraguay.

Mini Braid Size

Approx. Measurements
 10x1.27 cm 0.5 cm thick (4x0.5" 0.2" thick)

This is a rough measurement of the product as all mini springs are different shapes and thickness.

Offer as a treat and please supervise your dog a all times with product. If your dog gets too ambitious or tries to eat the entire treat or large pieces, please remove it immediately. 

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