PetSafe Indoor Bark Control Two-Pack

by Petsafe
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  • Discourages dogs from barking excessively
  • Emits 2-second, high-frequency warning sound when barking is detected
  • Sound not detectable by most humans
  • Hand-held or table-top functions
  • Each has a range of 8 m (25 ft)
  • For indoor use only
  • Uses three 3-volt CR-2023 batteries

The PetSafe Indoor Bark Control Two-Pack is useful for eliminating excessive barking in a way that is non-invasive for humans. This device detects a dog's bark and emits a 2-second ultrasonic warning sound that only the dog can hear. This high-pitched sound deters dogs from nuisance barking and works well when leaving your dog home alone or if you are trying to keep a baby from being woken, for example.

There is no receiver collar necessary for this bark control device to work and each has a range of 8 metres (25 feet). These devices can be set up on a tabletop, doors, window frames and programmed to work automatically when your dog barks.

This product is water-resistant and is intended for indoor use only. It includes a 3-year limited warranty and each uses three 3-volt CR-2023 batteries. There is a low-battery indicator that comes on when it is time to replace the battery. 


How to Get the Best Use Out of Indoor Bark Control

  • Place the devices in areas where the dog barks.
  • Make sure that no large objects are blocking the path between the device and your dog. For example, the warning sound will not travel well through fences, trees, or walls.
  • Dogs who are deaf or hard of hearing will not respond to the ultrasonic tone.
  • Each unit covers up to 25 feet.
  • Don't use this product outside your home. The ultrasonic sound will bounce differently outdoors.