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Training your dog or puppy is not easy. But with these dog training and behaviour solutions from Homes Alive, you will keep ahead of the game. From remote trainers and fence systems to barking control and muzzles, at least shopping for dog training aids has never been easier.

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  1. Dogit Nylon Dog Muzzle
    Dogit Nylon Dog Muzzle
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  2. Dogit High-Pitched Silent Dog Whistle
    Dogit High-Pitched Silent Dog Whistle
    Our Price: $7.99
  3. Dogit Disposable Diapers
    Dogit Disposable Diapers
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    Dogit Training Pad Holder
    Dogit Training Pad Holder
    Our Price: $44.99

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Dog Training & Behaviour Tools FAQs

What is the most effective dog training? Positive reinforcement training is the best and more effective training method for dogs. Dogs learn quickly, and the lessons stick with them longer.

Can you train a dog to stop barking? Dogs bark for lots of reasons. If you can identify why your dog is barking, you can train them to bark only when it's appropriate.

How do I stop my dog from jumping? Dogs jump for attention, so the best way to nip that bad habit in the bud is to turn away and ignore them.

What cool tricks can I teach my dog? Dogs can learn a huge variety of tricks, including simple tricks like sit or spin, to more complicated tricks like roll over, crawl or handstand.

How do I stop a dog from pulling on leash? One of the most important tips for teaching your dog not to pull is to always control the direction you walk in. Change direction, reverse course, and keep your dog looking to you for direction.

How does a dog clicker work? Dog clickers are an audible cue that your dog correctly followed directions. Clickers can replace treats and allow you to immediately respond to a positive behaviour.