Tough Dog Toys

Check out our selection of tough dog toys to satisfy even the biggest chewers. If durable is what you're looking for, these toys are one choice you can sink your teeth into. Or, you know, your dog can.

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Tough Dog Toys

We’ve all had this experience: you buy a dog toy, excited to give it to your pooch. Within just a few hours, though, that toy you worked so hard to pick out has been reduced to a pile of fluff and one destroyed squeaker. You toss it in the trash, discouraged and out a few bucks. Your pet is bored, too. So what’s the solution?

Here at Home Alive Pets, we carry a selection of tough dog toys that your pooch won’t destroy in a New York minute. Our selection of durable dog toys includes Kong dog toys, Tuffy dog toys, Benebone, and West Paw Design toys. No matter what your dog likes, we’ve got something for you to choose from.

If you’re looking for a durable dog toy you can throw, West Paw Design offers some durable options that float, fetch, and fly easily. We’ve also got boredom-busting toys like Kong dog toys, which allow you to fill the toy with special treats and keep your pooch occupied for hours. This is great for anyone who has to leave their pet for hours while they go to work, and is one of the best ways to prevent a pet from becoming bored and destructive.

Ready to find the perfect tough dog toys for your pets? Shop our selection now and find the ideal match for your pooch. We’re here to help you with shipping, selection, and any other questions you might have. What are you waiting for? Get shopping now.