HugSmart Pup Pals - Sea Lion

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  • Sea Lion no-stuffing plush toy
  • Comes with a small plush ball that can attach to the sea lion
  • Built-in extra loud squeaker inside - 5" squeaker
  • Suitable for small to medium-sized dog breeds - gentle to moderate playtime
  • Available only in one size - 8.7x6.3"

HugSmart Pup Pals - Sea Lion is a no-stuffing toy that is ready to seal your dog into hours of playtime. This plush has a 12 cm (5") loud squeaker to get your dog's attention, and it comes with a small flat ball that can be attached to the velcro on the sea lion's stomach that encourages your dog to paw, bite and try to remove the ball.

This toy is great for gentle and moderate playtime with small to medium size dogs of all ages and is available only in one size, 22x16 cm (8.7x6.3")