Ruff & Whiskerz FurSkinz Blanket Bed - Fox

by Ruff & Whiskerz
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  • Soft plush fox
  • Can be used a toy, bed or blanket
  • High-pitched squeaker located in the fox's head
  • Can fit a standard-sized pillow inside for extra comfort
  • As a toy - suitable for medium to giant-sized dog breeds, gentle to slightly moderate chewers
  • As a bed or blanket - suitable for small to medium-sized dogs of all life stages and cats 

Ruff & Whiskerz FurSkinz is a uniquely designed product that can act as either a toy, bed or blanket. This sly fox is super soft and has a high-pitched squeaker located in the head to entice for playtime and is great for tug of war. If you would prefer this fox to cuddle or act as a comforting blanket or bed, it can do that either as is or by slipping a standard pillow inside it for extra comfort for those quick or long naps. 

FurSkinz as a toy is suitable for medium, to giant-sized dog breeds who are gentle to slightly moderate chewers. As a bed or blanket is ideal for small to medium-sized dogs of all life stages and also for cats. Please see the specifications tab for measurements and washing instructions. 


104 cm (41") x 48 cm (19") x 16.5 cm (6.5")

Please supervise your dog with this product, if any damages start to appear, please remove the product immediately. To properly clean the product, please spot clean product with mild soap and water and allow it to air dry.