KONG Treatster

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  • Chewing toy that can hold treats in the centre
  • Extends length of time with treat and provides enrichment
  • Variety of difficulties
  • Outer grooves and ridges can be smeared with peanut butter or KONG StuffN' for longer enjoyment 
  • Recommended for light to moderate play and chewing 
  • Available in sizes small and large

KONG Treatster is a chew toy designed for longer lasting play and enrichment. Add in your dog's favourite treats at a variety of depths to change the level of difficulty. You can also add peanut butter or KONG StuffN' to the outer grooves and ridges of the Treatster for additional enjoyment.

This product is recommended for light to moderate play. Please supervise your dog at all times with the toy, and discard if product becomes damaged. This product comes in sizes small and large. 


Size Measurements Treat Openings

6.9 cm x 13.3 cm (2.75" x 5.25")

Top: approx 3.5 cm (1.5")

Bottom: approx 2.5 cm (1")


8.8 cm x 16.5 cm (3.5" x 6.5")

Top: approx 4.5 cm (2.4")

Bottom: approx 3 cm (1.2")


Please supervise your dog with this toy at all times. If any damage to the product starts to appear, please remove the toy immediately.