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Summer means plenty of fun outdoor activities with your pooch, but don't overlook the risks. Overheating is a common problem for dogs in summer. When the weather heats up, invest in some dog cooling gear to keep Fido cool and comfortable! At Homes Alive Pets, we offer a variety of dog cooling vests, harnesses, bandanas, and more.

Dog cooling vests are a simple way to cool your dog's core and prevent overheating so that they don't miss out on their favourite summer activities. Dog cooling mats and bandanas are excellent tools for dogs that aren't comfortable with clothes and are also more suitable for indoor use. Top brands like Canada Pooch, Ruffwear, and many more offer safe and easy-to-use cooling gear for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

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Shop Dog Cooling Vests, Dog Cooling Bandanas, and More

When Mother Nature turns up the heat, it's time to invest in a dog cooling vest for your canine companion. A cooling jacket for dogs is a great tool for keeping your dog comfortable so that your they never miss out on his favourite summer activities.

Whether you’re looking for a lightweight dog cooling vest Canada or a simple dog cooling bandana or more fully-body coverage provided by the Kurgo Core Cooling Vest, we have you covered.

If you do need to be out in the heat with your pup, don’t forget to always have water on hand! Check out our collapsible travel bowls and to help your pooch stay hydrated and avoid heatstroke on any adventure.

The Canada Pooch Cooling Vest is a lightweight, and stylish vest that will use evaporation to pull heat from your dog's body and keep him feeling cooler and mroe comfortable. Or try the Canada Pooch Cooling Harness which has all the benefits of dog cooling gear and a comfortable and secure dog harness. The lightweight harness design relies on water-retaining fabric with a mesh layer to promote ample air circulation.

The right dog cooling gear can keep your dog comfortable and safe on all your favourite outdoor adventures, like hiking or camping with dogs, running, and biking.

The Ruffwear Cooling Vest is another leader in dog adventure gear. It features spandex on the back to provide additional shade and protection for added cooling comfort. The ITW Nexus Wavelock side buckles make the process of putting on and taking off the vest a breeze.

If your pup isn't a fan of dog clothes, check out some smaller dog cooling gear, like the RC Pets Zephyr Cooling Bandana. Lightweight and cute, the bandana helps your dog regulate his body temperature around the neck. Or the fouFIT Cooling Dog Collar.

A cooling jacket for dogs keeps Fido comfortable during outdoor activities and protects against heat stress or heat stroke. Many summer vacationers to Canada don’t realize that the temperature can climb rapidly, which leads to overheating and dehydration. A cooling vest Canada helps lower and maintain the dog’s core temperature even on the hottest day.

Shop other outdoor dog gear, like dog life jackets, dog harnesses, dog backpacks and more dog adventure gear here at Homes Alive Pets.