Thrive Coconut Oil

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  • All-natural virgin coconut oil
  • Made from human-grade coconut - rich in omega three fatty acids
  • Aids with skin and coat, digestion, hot spots, allergies and improves metabolism
  • Can be added your dog's food or used topically
  • Suitable for dogs of all life stages and breeds
  • Available in a 350 ml container

Thrive Coconut oil is an all-natural plant-based supplement that can be added to your dog's food or applied topically to aid your dog with areas involving digestion, skin, coat and allergies. Made with only human-grade virgin coconut oil that is rich in omega three fatty acids. It can be applied to your dog's skin to help clear up hotspots, make their skin and coat look healthy, speeds the healing process of wounds or can give your dog some extra energy, boost their metabolism or aid with digestion.

This supplement is suitable for dogs of all stages and breeds. Please see the specifications tab for more information, available in a 350 ml container. 


Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Fibre 0%
Crude Protein 0%
Crude Fat 14%

For every 100g

Feeding Guidelines

Weight Daily Amount
up to 10 lbs 1 tsp
10 - 20 lbs 2 tsp
20 - 30 lbs 3 tsp
30 - 40 lbs 4 tsp
40 - 50 lbs 5 tsp
50 - 60 lbs 6 tsp
60 - 70 lbs 7 tsp
70 - 80 lbs 8 tsp
80 - 90 lbs 9 tsp
90 - 100 lbs+ 10 tsp

For Topical purposes: Apply onto the affected area up to two times per day.

It is recommended for first-time use, start with a small amount and then slowly increase to the proper amount for your dog's weight. 

Please keep Coconut oil in temperatures lower than 24-degree celsius or the product will liquefy. Please store the product in a dry and cool place when not in use. 

Organinc Virgin Coconut Oil