Holistic Blend TCW Internal Balance Para-Expel

by Holistic Blend
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  • Natural alternative for eliminating worms and other parasites
  • Natural, homeopathic remedy that effectively kills and expels worms and parasites
  • Treats roundworm, tapeworms, hookworms, pinworms, blood flukes and intestinal parasites
  • For dogs 6 months of age and older
  • 30 capsules per bottle

Holistic Blend TCW Internal Balance Para-Expel is a dewormer that contains only all natural ingredients.

Feeding Guide


Use only on dogs six months or older, give TCW for seven days, then off for seven and resume again for another seven days. Give pills to your dog orally.

Suitable also for dogs who have just given birth and those who are nursing their puppies. 


Weight Amount Given
11-20 lbs 1/2 capsule
20-50 lbs 1 capsule
50-100 lbs 2 capsules
100+ lbs 3 capsules

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