Bristly Extreme Chewer Brushing Stick

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  • Dental stick for dogs
  • Made using natural rubber
  • Helps cleans teeth including hard to reach places and gums while your dog chews on it
  • Massages gums
  • Hole located at the top can be filled with toothpaste - will dispense while your dog chews on it
  • Recommended to be used daily for five to ten minutes 
  • Non-toxic, eco-friendly, biodegradable, petroleum free
  • Suitable for dogs breeds within 60-100 lbs and all life stages
  • Available in a small, medium and large size

Let your dog brush his teeth with ease with the Bristly Extreme Chewer Brushing Stick. This t-shaped dental stick is made using natural rubbers from para rubber trees for a safe brushing experience. Once the hole located at the top of the dental stick is filled with toothpaste, offer it to your best friend and as he chews on the stick the bristle and nubbed sides with help massage the gums and helps brush off plaque up to the gum line and areas that are hard to reach. While your dog is chewing the toothpaste will start to squeeze out with every chew and further help with your dog's dental cleaning; Located at the base of the dental stick is an elongated bottom that allows your dog to hold the stick in place. 

The Bristly is non-toxic, biodegradable, eco-friendly and petroleum free. Suitable for gentle chewers for dogs weighing in at 60-100 lbs and for all life stages, it's recommended that the product be used daily for only five to ten minutes daily. Please look at the specifications tab for further information about cleaning, choosing the right size of Bristly for your dog and tips for those first-time users. 

Product Specifications and Information

Size Chart

Weight of Dog Recommended Size Product Measurement
60-100 lbs Extreme Chewer 12x18.1x5.8 cm (5.04x7.14x2.3")

Please supervise your dog with the product. Remove product if it is showing damage or pieces are falling off if any parts are swallowed, please contact your vet immediately. Inspect product before and after use for any signs of damage and discard if there are signs of damage. 

First Time Offering the Product

1) Offer Bristly to your dog without any toothpaste on it

2) Let them chew on it for five minutes

3) Take away, praise and wash dental stick

4) Repeat the next day

Always make sure you praise, engage and be excited about the product when offering. Give treats as praise when your dog is interacting and even after a couple of days put coconut oil or peanut butter along the sides for further enticement. Once your dog is used to the dental stick, start to offer it with the toothpaste in the top reservoir. 

Washing Instructions

It's highly recommended that you handwash the product with soap and water as this will let you get into the harder to reach areas for a thorough cleaning. Dishwasher safe. 

When to Replace Bristly

The Bristly brushing stick should be replaced every three weeks or 1-3 months. The brushing stick should last only for a couple of months if properly used.