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While raw dog food diets are the best way you can feed your dog (because they closely resemble the doggie diet that nature intended) making homemade raw food can be rather difficult. Wet dog foods offer an alternative providing your dog with the same natural and nourishing ingredients as raw food, but require much less work on your part!
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At Homes Alive, we put our hearts into natural health and nutrition for all pets! We proudly carry only the best wet food for dogs. That means we make sure that the dog foods we offer are wholesome, balanced and created with your dog’s well-being and longevity in mind. When you choose from our wide selection of canned dog foods, you can trust that you’re feeding your canine only the highest quality diet!

While raw dog food diets are the best way you can feed your dog because they closely resemble the doggie diet that nature intended, making homemade raw food can be rather difficult. Wet dog foods offer an alternative that can offer your dog the same natural and nourishing ingredients in an easier manner. The best canned dog food is rich in the juicy flavours that your dog loves.

On our website and in-store, you’ll find a variety of top-rated wet dog foods, such as Koha or Zignature – which are both limited ingredient recipes that are great for dogs with sensitive stomachs and food allergies. Canadian-owned brands like grain-free Nutrience and Canada Fresh are both made with ingredients that are regionally sourced, fresh and nutrient-dense.

For doggos that enjoy a little crunch, mixing wet dog food in with their kibble works great. This can also be helpful when transitioning your dog to a new wet or canned food, so you don’t cause any digestive problems! Weruva Dog Food, Stella & Chewy’s, and FirstMate are just a few of the trusted brands of canned food you can shop for at Homes Alive Pets.

Many pet owners think that wet dog food is only for adult or senior dogs, but the best wet puppy food meets the needs of your growing companion by providing a nutritionally balanced food choice. You can feed your puppy canned dog food at every meal or mix the wet food for dogs with dog kibble to entice a picky eater and offer variety. At Home’s Alive Pets, you’ll find a wide array of wet puppy food choices to start your young dog out right with all the nutrients needed for robust growth.

When shopping for the best wet dog food for senior dogs you’ll want to consider Royal Canin wet dog food or Acana wet dog food which will both meet the nutrient needs of an elderly doggo. Blue Buffalo wet dog food also carries a line of canned dog food that focuses on the needs of senior canines.

Wet and canned dog foods are excellent diets for growing puppies, or seniors that have fewer teeth and difficulty chewing. The soft, moist texture and tantalizing aroma gets even the pickiest, grumpiest old dog wagging his tail! You can also find wet food specialty formulas for allergy care, weight management or skin & coat care.

Give your doggo an irresistible new taste that will have her wagging her tail and barking for joy every time dinner time rolls around :) Also, when shopping for wet dog food Canada brands, check out our assortment of the best wet cat food in Canada for your feline friend. You’ll have your kitty purring with appreciation.

Wet food for dogs can also be used as a meal topper or side dish to complement another dog's diet. It’s a great way to get some extra moisture and calories into a diet that your dog is already thriving on. Shop our huge selection of Dog Food Canada.