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Dry dog food is the staple source of nutrition for many dogs. We'll help you find a natural and healthy dry kibble selection that is right for your dog's particular needs. We're focused on your dog's health, so we only carry the best dry dog food brands in Canada.

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    Gather Free Acres - Organic Free-Run Chicken Dog Food
    Gather Free Acres - Organic Free-Run Chicken Recipe
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Dry dog food is the staple source of nutrition for many dogs. It’s easy and convenient to feed and jam-packed with the essential nutrients your dog needs to thrive. Unlike raw dog food or wet foods, dry dog kibble can be left out throughout the day without collecting harmful bacteria. At Homes Alive Pets, we carry many of the best Canadian dry dog food brands.

When it comes to selecting the right dog food for your pet, you want to make sure to pick a wholesome option that has lots of flavour to keep your dog healthy and happy. Crucial factors to consider are your dog’s life stage, activity level, size, and unique health requirements. Homes Alive Pets carries a wide variety of grain-free kibbles made from premium protein sources, fruits and vegetables. The best dog kibble is not only made up of premium ingredients but also packed with flavour.

Choose from brands such as Acana or Orijen (which both consistently top the list of the top 5 dry dog foods) that offer nourishing recipes crafted with your dog’s health in mind. Choose from high protein Acana Regionals Dog Food, single protein Acana Singles, and even the Acana Healthy Grains line. Acana’s sister company Orijen (considered by many to be the best kibble brand for dogs) offers natural and nutritious recipes like Regional Red, Six Fish, and life stage diets to suit a wide variety of dogs. The best kibble for dogs Canada brands often sources local fresh foods to add to their recipes.

Breed specific dog food such as Royal Canin is a great way to ensure your dog is enjoying a biologically appropriate diet. Royal Canin offers specific formulas designed to nourish your dog the way nature intended for a variety of breeds ranging from Labrador Retriever to Yorkshire Terriers. They also create dry foods based on size for large dogs, medium sized dogs or small dogs. The best dry dog foods fit your pup’s size, so each bite is a pleasure.

You’ll also want to consider your dog’s life stage when choosing dry food, dehydrated dog food, canned dog food or raw food diet. Dry food for puppies consists of different nutrients and protein content to help them grow. Likewise, senior dog food will also be made with different nutritional value than adult dog foods. If you own a toy breed, then you’ll want to pick a small kibble dog food that easily fits in your furry friend’s petite mouth. Many brands will carry special formulas as well for weight management, sensitive stomachs, and allergy care. The best kibble brands focus on natural ingredients, nutrients, and flavour.

At Homes Alive Pets, we’re enthusiastic about dog nutrition and providing premium dog food brands that are made with high-quality, natural ingredients. Dog kibble doesn’t have to be boring. All the brands of dry dog food that we offer are leaders in taste, texture, and aroma. All-natural dog kibble not only meets your dog’s nutrition needs but also satisfies their craving for flavour.

Shop from brands like Taste of the Wild, Zignature, Canadian Naturals, go! Solutions and many more. We invite you to check out the best dry dog food on the market. At Homes Alive Pets, we offer only the top dry dog foods to spoil your four-legged family members including premium dog food, dog bowls, dog treats and chews, dog toys, dog accessories, and so much more in Canada.