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  1. Made in Canada
    Now Fresh Grain-Free Recipe for Small Breed Senior Dogs - Turkey, Salmon & Duck
    Now Fresh Grain-Free Recipe for Small Breed Senior Dogs - Turkey, Salmon & Duck
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  2. Made in Canada
    Now Fresh Grain-Free Recipe for Senior Dogs - Turkey, Salmon, & Duck
    Now Fresh Grain-Free Recipe for Senior Dogs - Turkey, Salmon, & Duck
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  3. Made in Canada
    Go! Solutions Carnivore Grain-Free Dry Food for Senior Dogs - Chicken, Turkey, & Duck Recipe
    Go! Solutions Carnivore Grain-Free Dry Food for Senior Dogs - Chicken, Turkey, & Duck Recipe
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Dry Dog Food FAQs

Is it OK for dogs to only eat dry food?

Dogs can eat a dry food diet every day, but in addition to choosing a high-quality formula, you should ensure that they drink plenty of water to balance the dry diet.

Do dogs get tired of eating the same food?

Most dogs are more than happy to eat the same food every day, but rotational feeding is a popular and recommended practice to provide your dog with a broader diversity of nutrients.

Can I add water to dry dog food?

You can moisten dry dog food if your dog prefers this texture. This can bring out the scent to appeal to picky dogs or soften the dog kibble to better suit the needs of toothless dogs.

Can dry dog food cause dental problems?

While dry dog food can help keep your dog's teeth clean by scraping away plaque and tartar, it's important to note that it's not a substitute for proper dental care. Regular dental checkups and brushing are still necessary to maintain good oral health.

What should I do if my dog won't eat their food?

If your dog refuses to eat their food, there may be an underlying health issue, or they may simply be picky. Try offering a different brand or flavour of food, or consider mixing in some wet food or adding a topper to entice them to eat. If the problem persists, it's recommended to consult with a veterinarian.

How much dry dog food should I feed?

The amount of food you should feed your dog depends on your furry friend’s age, size, and activity level. It's important to follow the feeding guidelines on the package label and adjust accordingly based on your dog's individual needs. Try our Dog Food Calorie Calculator to figure out what your dog needs.

Shop Dry Dog Food in Canada

Dry dog food is the most common and popular style of dog food for a good reason. It's easy to feed, cost-effective and has a long shelf life, but more than that, dog kibble comes in a wide variety of formulas, flavours, and styles to suit your dog's individual needs and preferences.

Every dog is different, which is why we offer a huge selection of natural and healthy dog kibble that can help your dog thrive! At Homes Alive Pets, you'll find dry puppy food, grain-free dog food, large-breed dog food and much more. We're focused on your dog's health and carry the best dry dog food brands in Canada.

Dry dog food is the staple source of nutrition for many dogs. It’s easy and convenient to feed and jam-packed with the essential nutrients your dog needs to thrive. At Homes Alive Pets, we carry many of the best dry dog food brands to help you find the best diet for your pooch. You can pick protein-rich recipes, grain-free choices, and more. Each type offers leading ingredients to help ensure a lifetime of health for your beloved dog.

When it comes to selecting the right dog food for your pet, you want to make sure to pick a wholesome option that has lots of flavours to keep your dog healthy and happy. Crucial factors to consider are your dog’s life stage, activity level, size, and unique health requirements.

Homes Alive Pets carries a wide variety of grain-free kibbles, weight control formulas, and allergy diets made from tasty recipes that contain premium ingredients like protein sources, fruits and vegetables. You can even opt for a high-protein variety. The best dog kibble is not only made up of premium ingredients but also packed with flavour. The best dog dry dog food is not only made up of premium ingredients but also packed with flavour.

Best Dry Dog Food

Choose from dog food industry leaders such as Acana or Orijen (which both consistently make the list of the top dry dog foods) that offer nourishing protein-rich dog food recipes crafted with your dog’s health in mind.

The best kibble brands for dogs often source fresh food ingredients, like chicken, beef, and other proteins, as well as locally sourced fruits and vegetables to add to their recipes. Looking at the ingredients of the food and where they are sourced can help you find the best dog diet.

The right dry dog food for your pooch should meet your dog's individual nutritional needs. Breed-specific pet food such as Royal Canin is a great option for breeds with very specific needs, like weight control and food sensitivities.

You’ll also want to consider your furry pet’s life stage when choosing the best dry food for dogs. dry puppy food consists of different nutrients and protein content to help them grow.

Likewise, dry senior dog food will also be made with different nutritional value to support ageing dogs that may be slowing down both physically and cognitively.

Size matters too! If you own a small or toy breed, then you’ll want to pick a small kibble dog food that easily fits in your furry friend’s petite mouth. Large breeds need the opposite. Large breed dog kibble is bigger to encourage chewing and support dental health.

We know it's not easy to change your dog’s diet. As a concerned pet parent, you might be concerned that big changes can cause more harm than good. Switching foods is often an easy process, but it's a good idea to transition slowly to reduce digestive upsets.

Transitioning a dog to a new food requires a gradual approach to ensure a smooth adjustment. The standard method is to gradually make the witch over 7 days. Start by feeding ¼ of the new food mixed with ¾ of the old, then slowly increase the ratio of new to old over the week.

This slow transition helps your dog's sensitive stomach to adapt to the new food and reduces the risk of digestive upset. Monitor your dog's bowel movements and appetite and extend the transition period if needed.

Shop the best dry dog food brands like Open Farm, Zignature, Nulo, NOW Fresh, Blue Buffalo and many more pet food brands.

At Homes Alive Pets, we offer the healthiest dry dog food and supplies to spoil your four-legged family members, including top rated dog food, dog bowls, dog treats and chews, dog toys, dog accessories, and so much more in Canada.