Dehydrated & Air Dried Dog Food

When it comes to keeping your dog healthy, food is the most important place to look. Since dehydrated raw dog food is less-processed than cooked dog food, more natural vitamins, antioxidants, and enzymes remain intact, as well as bold and delicious flavours. This makes air dried and dehydrated dog foods healthier, easier to digest, and tastier than conventional dry dog foods. Shop top dehydrated dog food brands like Smack, Grandma Lucy's, Ziwi Peak and more!

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Dehydrated Dog Food FAQs

Do you have to add water to dehydrated dog food?

Not all dehydrated dog food needs rehydration. Foods marketed as scoop-and-serve diets will have a chewy or crunchy texture that is designed to be fed like kibble.

Does dehydrated dog food lose nutrients?

Dehydrated diets use minimal heat to remove moisture from the food. While there is some nutrient loss, it is extremely minimal compared to traditional cooked or extruded dog foods.

How long does it take to rehydrate dehydrated dog food?

It depends on the brand and recipe, but most dehydrated dog foods require about 5-10 minutes of soaking in warm water before serving.

Can dehydrated dog food be used for all life stages?

Many brands of dehydrated dog food are suitable for all life stages, from puppies to adult dogs. Check the packaging and consult with your veterinarian to ensure that the food you choose meets your dog's specific nutritional needs.

Is dehydrated dog food more expensive than other types of dog food?

Dehydrated dog food can be more expensive than some types of traditional dog food, but it often offers higher-quality ingredients and better nutritional value. The food is lightweight and easy to store. It can be a convenient and cost-effective option for dog owners who travel frequently with their pets.

How do you store dehydrated dog food?

Dehydrated dog food should be stored in an airtight container. Pick a cool, dry place. Make sure to keep the container away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Once the food is rehydrated, it should be refrigerated and used within a few days.

Shop Dehydrated Dog Food

Dehydrated dog food undergoes far less processing than standard kibble. Using low temperatures, the moisture is removed from the food, leaving more flavour and nutrition than dry dog foods. Dehydrated food for dogs offers similar nutrition to raw dog food and is a popular option for raw feeders who travel or those looking for a less messy feeding choice.

Homes Alive Pets offers a wide assortment of dehydrated raw dog food Canada. This popular food style has a long shelf life, is easy to store, and is great for travel. Simply add water before feeding any of our top dehydrated dog food brands for a quick and easy meal.

Top brands like The Honest Kitchen offer a huge variety of flavours and diets to suit your dog’s individual needs, including grain-free, single protein, and customizable pre-mix dog foods. Using human-grade ingredients, The Honest Kitchen guarantees your pet the quality and nutrition they deserve.

Air-dried dog food is a relatively new style of dehydrated dog food that has robust flavours and is brimming with nutrients that are comparable to those found in raw food diets. At Homes Alive Pets, you’ll find popular brands like ZiwiPeak Air-Dried Dog Food and Nutrience Air-Dried Dog Food . If you are looking for air-dried dog food Canada, then check out Zeal Air-Dried Dog Food. The food is 96% airdried and offers rich flavours. The dehydrated dog food Canada is a favourite for dogs who love the taste of raw foods.

Smack dehydrated dog food is another leading dehydrated dog food choice. The family-owned business is based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba and offers foods that contain simple, fresh ingredients that are antibiotic-free. The ready-to-serve diet is one of the easiest ways to give your dog the nutrition and flavour they need.

When choosing the best dehydrated dog food, look for brands that offer a variety of flavours and formulas to suit your dog's nutritional needs and eating styles.