Dog Food

Dogs add an extra layer of love, fun and companionship to every home. As human’s best friend, they’re by our side when we need an adventure partner, snuggle buddy or an unlimited amount of slobbery kisses! Feeding them the right wholesome diet and rewarding them with dog treats is our way to return their love.

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Dog Food

High quality, natural dog food is at the centre of a long, healthy life for your canine: inside and out. At Homes Alive, we believe good nutrition comes first when it comes to our four-legged family members. You can find a selection of natural dog recipes, as well as grain-free, allergy sensitive, and weight management diets.

Homes Alive Pets carries a wide variety of premium dry dog foods that are crafted to provide your doggo with the flavours they’ll drool over, as well as the vitamins and nutrients they need to thrive! If you leave the house for long hours, dry kibbles such as Royal Canin Dog Food or Acana Dog Food are both great options as it can be left out without going bad. The crunchy texture of kibble also helps puppies and dogs keep their teeth clean and strong.

Freeze-dried and dehydrated dog foods are an easy and convenient way to feed your dog the fruits, vegetables and animal proteins they would consume in their natural habitats. Brands such as Stella & Chewy’s or Orijen are dedicated to creating nourishing recipes that are gently freeze-dried without sacrificing the nutritional value in the process.

Another great option is wet and canned dog foods, which are definitely a favourite amongst the canines! Frozen and raw dog foods are rich in protein and nutrient-dense. Feeding a raw dog diet can help keep your dog’s coat looking shiny, teeth squeaky clean and overall health in tip-top shape.

Whatever type of diet your doggo enjoys, Homes Alive Pets is devoted to providing only the most nutritious, highest quality dog foods for our customers and their furry best friends. Shop our store online to find the right diet to help your dog thrive for years to come!