Solvit CareLift Lifting Harness, Rear-Only

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  • Comfortable handle for easy, gentle lifting
  • Rear-only lifting supports both the hips & abdomen
  • Assits dogs in climbing into vehicles, onto furniture, etc.
  • Versatile and effective for improving mobilization and providing support
  • Available in Medium and Large

You can use the Solvit CareLift Rear-Only Lifting Harness to improve your dog's mobility and gently lift and assist him in walking wherever he needs to go. Not only is it gentle, it is safe and convenient for you to use.

This CareLift Rear-Only Lifting Harness works well for dogs that are immobile, recovering from an injury or surgery, or older dogs that are more limited due to weaker hips and joints. Give it a try to help assist your dog into your vehicle, onto the couch or bed, up or down the stairs, during a walk, or when your dog needs to do his business outdoors. There is also a removable protective panel that is intended for the abdomen area of male dogs. Available in Medium and Large.

CareLift Harness Dimensions

Harness Size Chest Waist Dog Weight
Medium 61 - 84 cm (24 - 33 in.) 48 - 79 cm (19 - 31 in.) 16 - 32 kg (35 - 70 lbs)
Large 79 - 117 cm (31 - 46 in.) 68 - 94 cm (27 - 37 in.) 32 - 59 kg (70 - 130 lbs)