Ruffwear Brush Guard

by Ruffwear
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  • Add on attachment for Ruffwear's harnesses or backpacks
  • Stabalizes backpacks and harnesses 
  • Protects chest and belly from abrasion
  • Uses a three-layer design for protection and support
  • Protects from environmental debris during any season
  • Supports dogs while lifting from the handle of the harness
  • Easy to attach and remove - velcro hook and loop system
  • Compatible with Ruffwear's backpacks and harnesses
  • Available in a variety of sizes

The Ruffwear Brush Guard is an add-on attachment suitable for any of Ruffwear's backpacks and harnesses to offer support and protection during backpacking, hiking, skiing, snowboarding and other outdoor activities that involve tough or cold terrain. This chest guard uses a three-layer design made from 420D nylon ripstop and EVA foam that prevents snow and ice build-up on the chest area during the winter and during the warmer months it provides protections from sticks or sticky plants that get often get caught and matted in the fur. This guard also helps distribute weight and tension if your adventure buddy is wearing a backpack and it protects their chest and belly from abrasion. The brush guard provides additional support if you ever need to lift or assist your adventure buddy over challenging terrain. 

Easy to attach and remove, the Brush Guard uses a velcro hook and loop system to secure itself onto harnesses or backpacks. Available in a variety of sizes; Please see the specifications tab for more information. 

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Sizing Chart

Girth Size
43-56 cm (17-22") XS
56-69 cm (22-27") S
69-81 cm (27-32") M
81-107 cm (32-42") L/XL


Washing Instructions

Please secure all fasteners and handwash using a mild detergent. Please air dry Brush Guard and do not dry clean or use bleach on the product.