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Teaching your dog good walking behaviour is easier if you invest in the right tools. Dog training leashes can give you better control of your dog while you are training so that you can keep their focus, control their environment, and lead your dog towards positive walking habits. Check out training dog leashes from popular brands like Rogz, Ruffwear, and K9 Explorer.

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  1. Rogz 1.6ft. Dog Training Leashes
    Rogz 1.6ft. Dog Training Leashes
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Dog Training Leash FAQs

Is a 4ft or 6ft leash better?

Standard leashes are 6ft long and are fine for most situations, but if your dog is a persistent puller, a 4 ft leash can be useful for teaching your dog boundaries.

What is the best lead for a dog that pulls?

Dogs that pull can benefit from a leash made from leather or rope, but if you are trying to teach your dog not to pull, then a training leash can be a useful tool to give you more control and keep your dog closer to you.

What is a dog training leash?

A dog training leash is a specialized leash designed to help dog owners train their pets in various activities such as obedience training, agility training, or behaviour modification. These leashes typically offer greater control and precision than a standard leash, allowing owners to guide their dogs in specific movements or actions.

What are the benefits of using a dog training leash?

Using a dog training leash can provide numerous benefits for both the dog and the owner. These leashes can help prevent accidents or unwanted behaviour by offering greater control, leading to a safer and more enjoyable training experience. The increased precision can help owners communicate more effectively with their dogs, leading to faster and more successful training outcomes.

How do I choose the right dog training leash for my pet?

The right dog training leash will depend on your pet's specific training needs and your personal preferences. Consider the length, material, and style of the leash and any additional features such as padding or reflective strips. If you're unsure where to start, consult a professional dog trainer or a knowledgeable pet supply store employee.

Can I use a regular leash for dog training?

While a regular leash can be used for basic training exercises, a specialized dog training leash is often recommended for more advanced training. These leashes offer greater control and precision, making teaching complex movements or behaviours easier. If you're serious about training your dog, investing in a quality training leash can be a worthwhile investment in your pet's development.

Shop Training Dog Leashes in Canada

When it comes to training your dog, the right dog training leash can make a big difference. Depending on the training style, your dog's size and strength, and the environment you are training in, a dog training leash may be better suited for you and your pooch.

A common training leash for large dogs that pull is a short leash, like the Rogz 1.6ft Dog Training Leash. The short leash keeps your dog close, responsive to commands, and under control. This is a great option for dogs learning how to act around other dogs and in overstimulating situations.

A cinch leash is another popular training leash for dogs. The Ruffwear Just-a-Cinch Leash is a training rope leash and collar for dogs. Instead of a typical clip, the loop acts as a cinch collar for a two-in-one tool to correct pulling and other unwanted walking habits.

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