Front Clip Dog Harnesses

Front clip harnesses are the perfect solution for dogs who tend to pull on a leash. Without causing discomfort to the dog, they allow you better control by pivoting your dog’s chest to face you when they pull. Ideal for training and steering your dog in the right direction, these easy walking dog harnesses are a popular choice among owners and trainers alike.

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If you’re looking for a little help training your pup to stop pulling on a leash, a harness with a front clip is a great place to start. The leash attachment for these harnesses is strategically placed at the front of your dog’s chest, which turns them towards you when they pull in any direction. There’s a reason this method has been used for centuries—it works! Even horses and camels are led from the front.

This style of harness is often a go-to for dog trainers because the leash attaches at the front, changing your dog’s direction when they jump or pull without causing any pain or discomfort. Ideal for both training and maintaining leash manners, front clip harnesses encourage your dog to walk by your side rather than ahead of you. It will still take encouragement and reinforcement on your part, but the right harness is a must-have for successful leash training. Want to see what else we have to offer? Take a look at No-Pull Dog Harnesses and Basic Harnesses.