Woof Concept Aqua Collection Dog Collars - Dark 'N' Stormy

by Woof Concept
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  • Durable and flexible dog collar - Dark 'N' Stormy
  • Waterproof and Odour-less
  • Patented YKK buckle
  • D-ring for leash and accessory attachment
  • Easy to use & fully adjustable
  • Available in three sizes
  • Made in Canada
Made in Canada
Made in Canada

Woof Concept Dog Collars are made with a highly durable, flexible dual-layered polypro webbing that has a waterproof coated material for a lightweight, adjustable dog collar that is waterproof as well as odourless. In addition, this quality collar features a Dark 'N' Stormy design and a patented YKK buckle and D-ring for leash and accessory attachment. Keeping your dog comfortable wearing this collar while having fun outside or relaxing indoors.

Woof Concept Collars are available in three sizes; please see the specifications tab for sizes. Made in Canada. 

Sizing Chart

  Neck Size Webbing Width
Small 23 - 38 cm (9 - 15 ") 1.58 cm (5/8")
Medium 30 - 50 cm (12 - 20") 1.9 cm (3/4")
Large 38 - 66 cm (15 - 26") 2.54 cm (1")


How to Measure Your Dog


  1. Muzzle Length

Measure the length of the nose from the tip to the crook where you want the muzzle to sit comfortably below the eyes.

  1. Muzzle Width

Measure the muzzle's circumference at the widest part, leaving space for two fingers to ensure a comfortable fit.

  1. Neck

Measure the circumference of the base, leaving enough space to fit two fingers comfortably.

  1. Leg Length

Measure your dog from the top of the shoulder and hip to the floor.

  1. Chest Girth

Measure the circumference of the widest part of the chest behind the front legs.

  1. Length

Please measure the length from the top of their shoulders to the base of their tail.

  1. Paw Width

Measure the diameter of the broadest part of the paw.