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  1. Canada Pooch Soft Side Onesie
    Canada Pooch Soft Side Onesie
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  2. Canada Pooch Frosty Fleece Onesie
    Canada Pooch Frosty Fleece Onesie
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  3. Silver Paw Coco Dog Pajama
    Silver Paw Coco Dog Pajama
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Is it OK for dogs to sleep in pyjamas?

Yes, it is generally safe for dogs to sleep in pyjamas as long as the pyjamas fit properly and are made of comfortable, breathable materials.

Does my dog need pyjamas?

While dogs do not necessarily need pyjamas, they can be beneficial for certain breeds or in certain situations, such as during cold weather or for dogs with skin conditions.

Can you buy pyjamas for dogs?

Yes, there are many options for buying pajamas for dogs, including online retailers and pet stores. Look for options that are specifically designed for dogs and made of comfortable, breathable materials.

How should pyjamas fit a dog?

Pyjamas for dogs should fit snugly but not be too tight or restrictive. Look for adjustable options or stretchy materials to ensure a comfortable fit.

Can dogs wear toddler pyjamas?

While some toddler pyjamas may fit small dogs, it is not recommended to use them as they are not designed for dogs and may not be comfortable or safe for them to wear.

How does a dog go to the bathroom with a onesie on?

It may be more difficult for dogs to go to the bathroom with a onesie on, so it is important to choose options that have a convenient opening or are designed to allow for easy bathroom breaks. Supervising your dog when wearing a onesie is also recommended to ensure they are comfortable and able to go to the bathroom as needed.

Shop Dog Pajamas & Onesies in Canada

Pajamas for dogs? You betcha! The harsh bite of a cold winter evening can leave your dog feeling the chill, even in the house. Pajamas for Dogs provide full body coverage to give your dog a lightweight layer of insulation. The footless dog onesies are comfortable and soft, and the belly and undercarriage opening allows your pet to *ahem*--do their business without having to take off the adorable doggy jammies.

When the sun sets, the mercury drops. Your pup might have a challenging time falling asleep if the house becomes chilly at night. Pajamas for dogs can help keep any pup toasty warm. Plus they are beyond adorable! At Homes Alive Pets, we offer both small and large dog pajamas to fit a wide variety of canine body shapes.

The FuzzYard Dinosaurs Land Pajamas will keep your pup warm on a freezing day. The dog onesie pajamas are made from a polyester blend and have ribbing around the neck and legs for a tight fit. The dog onesie front has buttons for easy on and off.

Another fun dog pajamas is the Canada Pooch Soft Side Onsie. This full-body dog sweatsuit is available in three adorable pastel colours and there are sizes for dogs of all sizes! The hood even helps keep your dog's neck warm, so it can be worn inside and out.

For a pair of deluxe dog pajamas check out the Silver Paw Coco Dog Pajamas which are fashioned from a combination of soft polyester and spandex. The PJs are durable and warm. There is a Velcro closure for easy on and off. There is a hoodie attached to the dog pajamas to help keep the pup's neck and ears comfortable on a chilly day.