Ruffwear Swamp Cooler for Dogs

by Ruffwear
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  • Cooling vest for dogs - uses the evaporative cooling method
  • Made using air mesh with reflective lining along the collar
  • ITW Nexus Waveloc side buckles to easily remove the vest 
  • Leash portal on the back to easily attach a leash to a harness
  • Three layered back panel helps absorbs, evaporate water while keeping your dog cool
  • Designed for everyday activities and hiking during hot weather
  • Available in a variety of sizes 

Help your dog stay cool during hiking or everyday activities during the warm summer with Ruffwear Swamp Cooler. This cooling vest uses an evaporative cooling method by designing a vest that uses a three-layered back panel. Just pour water on the area, and the middle layer will absorb the water while the comfort liner layer transfers the cool to your dog while the wicking outer layer evaporates to help your dog regulate its temperature while the spandex provides shade and protection from the sun (UPC rated up to 50+). Located on the back behind the neck of the vest is a slit that allows you to attach a lead to a harness and located on the side of the jacket is ITW Nexus Waveloc side buckles that make it easy to remove the vest after a long day outside. Reflective lining outlines the collar of the coat and behind the neck is a spot to attach Ruffwear's The Beacon onto for visibility protection during the night.   

Swamp Cooler comes in a variety of sizes and is suitable for a variety of dog breeds. Please see the specifications tab for further information. 

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Sizing Chart

Girth Size
33-43 cm (13-17") XXS
43-56 cm (17-22") XS
56-69 cm (22-27") S
69-81 cm (27-32") M
81-91 cm (32-36") L
91-107 cm (36-42")  XL

It is recommended to stick with the girth measurements; measurement for the product is only recommended to use for difficult to fit dogs.

Product Dimensions

Length Neck Size
24.5 cm (9.75") 34.5 cm (13.5") XXS
31 cm (12.25") 41 cm (16.25") XS
43.5 cm (17.25") 50 cm (19.75") S
51 cm (20") 56 cm (22") M
56.5 cm (22.25") 67.5 cm (26.5") L
61 cm (24") 71 cm (28") XL


Washing Instructions

Please wash vest on cold water, gentle cycle, using a mild detergent. Please hang to dry the jacket and do not dry clean or use bleach on the product.