Hurtta Extreme Warmer

by Hurtta
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  • Can withstand extremly cold weather
  • Water-resistant, breathable material with foil liner - retains body heat
  • Build in snood will protect the dog's ears
  • Adjustable back - allows free tail movement
  • 3M reflective material
  • Available in different sizes and colours

Never stress about your dog freezing in the cold, Canadian winter with Hurtta's Extreme Warmer, this coat can keep any size of dog protective from the cold while staying comfortable. The warmer uses polyester with an inner foil liner to retain heat while still being breathable, the outer layer gives the jacket its water resistant feature. The Extreme Warmer can be adjusted in the back with its drawstring design to allow the dog's tail to wag freely and uses a clip belt in the middle to keep the coat snug and secure on its body. The 3M reflective material is located on the front and back of the coat to keep your pet safe at night. Keeping the ears warm is also essential, and this jacket has that protected with its built-in snood. How the warmer hangs off the dog also keeps the core muscles that dogs used the most while doing any activity warm. Based on the size of coat it will have a ring attached to the jacket (sizes 10") or an opening on the back of the coat (for sizes 12"-26") to connect the leash to the collar or harness

Available in a variety of sizes and colours, please see the specifications tab for measurements.

Back Length Neckline Chest
25 cm (10") 31 cm (12") 30-50 cm (12"-20")
30 cm (12") 39 cm (16") 36-62 cm (14"-24")
35 cm (14") 52 cm (20") 43-67 cm (18-26")
40 cm (16") 54 cm (22") 45-72 cm (18"-28")
45 cm (18") 60 cm (24") 50-82 cm (20"-32")
50 cm (20") 65 cm (24") 54-85 cm (22"-33")
60 cm (24") 76 cm (30") 58-96 cm (24"-37")
65 cm (26") 75 cm (30") 58-106 cm (24"-41")