Cooling Vests & Clothes

Find the perfect solution for those hot summer days. Our cooling vests, clothing, and accessories will help regulate your pup’s temperature and keep them looking stylish.
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Shop Cooling Vests, Bandanas, and More to Beat the Heat

Cooling bandanas, vests, and jackets are a popular way to help your dog beat the heat during hot summer days. Using powdered jade cooling agents, water evaporation, and venting systems, our cooling products help protect your dog from heat stress. Whether you’re looking for a simple option like the fouFIT Cooling Bandana or more fully-body coverage provided by the Kurgo Core Cooling Vest, we have you covered. 

If you do need to be out in the heat with your pup, don’t forget to always have water on hand! Check out our collapsible travel bowls and to help your pooch stay hydrated and avoid heatstroke on any adventure.