The Tough Stuff Natural Touch Urine Eliminator

by The Tough Stuff
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  • Urine odour and stain eliminator
  • Uses a natural, multiple strain enzyme product with odour eliminating technology
  • Breaks down the stain destroy and odour and the enzyme - discourages your pet from going back to the same spot
  • Useable on any water-safe surface
  • Ideal for spots on carpets of fabrics caused by urine or faeces
  • Available in a 32 fl. oz spray bottle or in a 1-gallon jug
  • Made in the USA

The Tough Stuff Natural Touch Urine Eliminator is a unique formula that gets in deep into stain and odours caused by urine and helps cleans them up. This formula uses natural ingredients, multiple strain enzymes and odour eliminating technology, that will break down the stain, neutralise the odour and the enzyme. Preventing your dog from staining the area once more.

Natural Touch Urine Eliminator is ideal on water-safe surfaces like carpets or certain fabrics; Please see the specifications tab for further information. Available in a 946 ml (32 fl.oz) spray bottle or in a 3.785L (1 gallon) jug. Made in the USA.


Before using product always test on the material somewhere hidden, if material discolours do not continue to use the product. 

Using either a towel or wet vacuum first to soak up the excess urine or liquid. Pour 4-6 fl. oz of water on the stain and use a towel or vacuum once more. Repeat two to three times as diluting the stain is essential for the product to work to its full effect. Apply a generous amount of The Natural Touch Urine Eliminator and allow the product to stand. Place a towel on the area and allow the stain to dry, once dry and the stain or odour remains repeat process again. 

Keep away from children. This product is not meant to be digested or have contact eyes or prolonged contact with the skin. If ingested drink milk or water. Any contact with eyes, please flush with water and wash skin with soap and water if any contact with the skin, any other problems arise, please see a physician. Immediately stop using the product if there an allergic reaction occurs. 

Water, biological blend, nonionic surfactant, fragrance, opacifier