Plastic, ceramic, or stainless steel dog bowls in all sizes and designs. Your dog has to eat - he may as well dine in style!

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    Fringe Petshop Nosy Dog Pet Bowl
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Dog Bowls

For most dogs, meal times are by far the best part of the day! Choosing the right bowls for your dog’s favourite activity is important – and not just because you want them to match the aesthetic of your kitchen ;). Dog bowls come in many different styles and are made from different types of materials to suit the unique eating habits and lifestyles of different dogs.

You’ll find a variety of dog bowls to choose from on Homes Alive Pets. We carry shallow ceramic bowls that are perfect for smaller breeds that need less dry food or kibble. These bowls are dishwasher-safe for easy clean up and come in many fun designs! Stainless steel bowls are another option that are easy to clean and resistant to bacteria and rust.

Elevated dog bowls are a great option for large dog breeds or dogs that suffer from arthritis or joint pain. Depending on your dog’s size, an elevated dog bowl such as Messy Mutts Elevated Silicon & Wood Feeder makes it easier and more comfortable for your pooch to reach her dog food. This bowl can be adjusted to your dog’s height. Other brands that carry elevated bowls include Dogit and Petrageous.

If you and your dog enjoy spending time in the outdoors, going to the park or just visiting friends, you might want to invest in a travel dog bowl! These bowls are portable and collapsible to make it easy to pack and store in your car, bag, or suitcase for whenever your dog needs fast food or water. The Ruffwear Quencher is a lightweight, waterproof option that’s perfect for your next camping trip with your dog. Other brands with great travel bowls include Canine Equipment, Kurgo, and Beco.

For overly food-motivated dogs, meal time goes by in a blink! This can cause digestive issues. Slow feeder dog bowls are a functional option that keep your dog from eating too much too fast. These types of bowls are designed to make it harder for your dog to get to their wet food or dry kibble. Similar to interactive puzzle toys, slow feeders can also provide your dog with a little mental stimulation! This is also a fun way to feed dog treats. Shop ZippyPaws, Outward Hound, and Paw5 for slow feeder options.

Whatever your dog’s eating habits, Homes Alive Pets carries only the best feeding accessories that will suit his needs! Shop our broad selection of dog bowls, as well as placemats, automatic feeders, dog food storage, as well as dog chews, and premium dog food brands.