Sleep Zone Reversible Cushion Cuddler

by Sleep Zone
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  • Soft, circular pet bed with raised walls and reversible cushion
  • Lump free - Made from 100% recycled polyfill
  • Reversible cushion - switch between furry plush or faux suede material
  • Easy to get in and out of - step-in front design
  • Perfect for both cats and smaller dogs
  • Machine-wash safe
  • Available only in one size and in two different colours

Sleep Zone Reversible Cushion Cuddler is a soft round bed designed to offer your pet warmth and comfort while enjoying restful sleep. This bed is made out of 100% recycled polyfill, preventing the stuffing from becoming lumpy or shifting towards one direction for even distribution of comfort with each use. As well as raised walls for additional comfort and a reversible cushion to offer your pet the choice of faux suede or furry plush side. In addition, the step-in front design makes it easy for your furry friend to get in, out or sprawl out.

Reversible Cushion Cuddler is excellent for both cats and small dogs and is available only in a 45.7 cm (18") size and in two colours. Machine wash safe.