Dog Supplies

Dogs, like babies, require quality supplies, nutrition, and gear. Don’t worry, though - we have a vast selection to choose from, and we ship Canada-wide. No matter which dog supplies you're looking for, we have a wide assortment of dog products, including puppy products, dog food, dog treats, dog toys, and dog clothes.

  1. Beds & Blankets Beds & Blankets
  2. Crates, Pens & Ramps Crates, Pens & Ramps
  3. Cleaning & Waste Control Cleaning & Waste Control
  4. Clothing & Apparel Clothing & Apparel
  5. Outdoor Dog Gear Outdoor Dog Gear
  6. Travel Gear Travel Gear
  7. Collars, Leashes & Accessories Collars, Leashes & Accessories
  8. Dog ID Tags Dog ID Tags
  9. Bowls & Feeding Accessories Bowls & Feeding Accessories
  10. Food Food
  11. Grooming & Bathing Grooming & Bathing
  12. Health Care Health Care
  13. Toys Toys
  14. Training & Behaviour Training & Behaviour
  15. Treats & Chews Treats & Chews
  16. Gifts for Dog Lovers Gifts for Dog Lovers

Dog Supplies

It's hard to explain how much our pups mean to us. The way they make us laugh, smile, and inspire us to be better. It's only natural for us to do the best we can to take care of our four-legged friends as best we can. Homes Alive Pets has all the dog supplies your pup needs, including specialty dog foods like Freeze-dried dog foods, air-dried food from Ziwi Peak, and premium kibble from Acana. Every pet is different, so we are here and happy to help you find the right food for yours. Dog supplements can also be helpful in addressing specific needs for your dog. Salmon oils, hip & joint supplements, vitamins and probiotics are all available to help your pup remain at their optimal health.

Food and supplements are important, but we can't forget about finding nutritious dog treats and chews, too. Natural Chews like bully sticks and himalayan chews are ideal for when you are trying to keep your pup busy for a while, whereas training treats like Crumps and Zukes are excellent for rewards, or even find functional treats like Greenies. We firmly believe that quality ingredients matter, which is why we carry such a variety of the best treats.

Don't forget about playtime, which is important for developing your bond, along with their brain development and happiness. Find an array of tough toys, fetch toystricky puzzle toys, and chew toys to give your dog an array of options to keep them stimulated. Stuffing a Kong Toy, or playing fetch outside with a chuckit are great ways to interact with your dog. West Paw Design has some popular rubber toys that can be easy cleaned for taking outside or even feeding raw food. 

When it comes to dog gear, Homes Alive Pets has the best selection of outdoor dog gear. Ruffwear offers amazing gear for adventure seekers. Hurtta also has premium gear, but they have really made their mark with their dog coats which are perfect for Canadian winters.

Homes Alive Pets has thousands of quality pet brands and products to help you care for your loved ones. If you can't make it to one of our stores, be sure to shop online because we ship Canada-wide!