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First of all, thank you for taking our dog food grader. It looks like your dog food got a score of 89, which tells me that you are taking your dog's health seriously :)

First of all, thank you for taking our dog food grader. It looks like your dog food got a score of 

Our team at Homes Alive created this dog food grader to help you and other pet owners distinguish quality foods from clever marketing. We hope that this confirms some of your choices regarding your dog's food, and perhaps you even learned something new!

Below, I have attached a coupon for you. We appreciate that you put your pet’s nutrition first, and would like to give you a little reward.

Dog Food Coupon Offer

Dog Foods we would recommend for you:

Horizon Legacy or Horizon Pulsar (Grain Free)
Horizon dog food is made with fresh ingredients that come straight from local farmers and growers. Each bag is sourced, produced, and tested in a family-owned and operated facility in Saskatchewan. Horizon strives to keep their dog foods very affordable but will not compromise on quality. Each recipe has a high animal protein inclusion rate and alternative, low-glycemic carbohydrate and fibre sources such as peas, legumes, and whole oats and barley. And don't forget all of the fresh fruits and vegetables that make these dog foods wholesome and balanced! Learn more

Acana is a very reputable brand, and they have recently launched their "Classics" line of food which blends their commitment of bringing quality, regional food to the customer at an affordable price. Acana is made right here in Alberta, and they use fresh regional ingredients. hey have also substituted low-glycemic fruits and vegetables to ensure your dog is receiving all of the essential nutrients without the need for synthetic supplements. Learn More

An Alberta and BC based company with 30 years in the pet industry, Canadian Naturals is focused on bringing Canadian consumers fresh, local pet food using the best quality ingredients from a company they can trust. They emphasize fresh, quality pet food to provide dogs and cats with the nutrients they need to sustain vitality and performance. All Canadian Naturals foods are manufactured in their own facility in the heart of the BC Fraser Valley to ensure high quality control standards. Fresh turkey, chicken, West-coast fish, and local fruits and vegetables are located minutes away to keep up an always fresh, never frozen guarantee. Learn More

If you dog has any specific needs, please feel free to contact us more more specific recommendations.

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I truly hope you’ve found this helpful. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate reaching out to us.

Wishing the best to you and your pets,