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  1. Hurtta Monsoon Coat
    Hurtta Monsoon Coat
    Starting From: $100.99 Our Price: $100.99
  2. Hurtta Extreme Warmer V2
    Hurtta Extreme Warmer V2
    Starting From: $118.99 Our Price: $118.99
  3. Hurtta Razzle-Dazzle Midlayer Coat
    Hurtta Razzle-Dazzle Midlayer Coat
    Starting From: $78.99 Our Price: $78.99
  4. Hurtta Expedition Parka - Set
    Hurtta Expedition Parka
    Starting From: $105.99 Our Price: $105.99
  5. Hurtta Rain Blocker Eco
    Hurtta Rain Blocker Eco
    Starting From: $124.99 Our Price: $124.99
  6. Hurtta Extreme Overall
    Hurtta Extreme Overall
    Starting From: $135.99 Our Price: $135.99
  7. Hurtta Drizzle Coat
    Hurtta Drizzle Coat
    List Price: $86.25 Starting From: $106.99 Our Price: $106.99 You Save: -$20.74 (-24%)
  8. Hurtta Extreme Warmer Eco
    Hurtta Extreme Warmer Eco
    Starting From: $130.99 Our Price: $130.99
  9. Hurtta Body Warmer
    Hurtta Body Warmer
    Starting From: $85.99 Our Price: $85.99

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Hurtta Dog Coat FAQs

What temperature are Hurtta dog coats rated for?

The temperature rating will vary depending on the coat, but Hurtta makes coats for weather as cold as -30 degrees Celsius. These styles have thermal layers to help your dog retain core body heat.

Which Hurtta dog coat is the warmest?

The coat offered by Hurtta is the Extreme Warmer and the Extreme Overalls. These styles offer more coverage of hips, shoulders and neck than other styles and a foil liner to protect your dog's core.

Are Hurtta dog coats waterproof?

Many Hurtta jackets are weatherproof, but there are some styles that are designed for wetter climates and seasons, like the Mudventure Overalls.

How do I find the right size Hurtta coat for my dog?

Hurtta offers a wide range of sizes to help you find the right fit regardless of breed or weight. Each Hurtta coat offers precise measurements for back length, chest girth, and neck size to ensure a more comfortable and secure fit.

Shop Hurtta Dog Coats in Canada

Hurtta was founded in Finland. The brand’s goal was to create functional and durable products that complement your dog's active lifestyle. All Hurtta Dog Coats offer protection from cold, wet and windy weather so that your dog doesn't miss out on their favourite outdoor activities. Hurtta Dog Coat Canada designs range from lightweight softshell jackets for moderate weather to extreme temperature insulated and waterproof dog coats. With such an awesome product line of Hurtta coats for dogs, you might wonder which is right for your pup.

If you are planning an outdoor adventure with your dog on a cold winter day, then outfit your pup with a Hurtta winter coat like the Hurtta Expedition Parka. This insulated dog coat was specially designed for short-haired breeds that do not have an undercoat for insulation. However, it is also suitable for other coat types.

Hurtta Dog Coats are available for all types of cool weather, including rain, snow, and wind. Don't let Canadian winters keep your dog cooped up inside. Find the best Hurtta jacket for your dog this winter.

Find the perfect fit for Hurtta Dog Suits and Hurtta Dog Jackets to make sure your dog stays safe and comfortable.

Check out our full selection of Hurtta Gear for all your dog-friendly adventures. Shop other dog accessories, dog food, dog toys, dog treats and more here at Homes Alive Pets.

Hurtta Winter Dog Coats

When the mercury starts to drop, it's important to make sure your dog is properly protected from the cold, harsh elements. Keep your best friend’s chest, legs, and abdominal area warm even on the coldest days with Hurtta winter gear. Hurtta coats are perfect for dramatic temperature drops because they stimulate the animal’s blood circulation to heat the body. Choose from a variety of sizes to ensure the Hurtta dog winter jacket is a perfect fit.


Hurtta Rain Coats

When the weather turns wet and windy, you’ll want to invest in a quality Hurtta raincoat. Hurtta waterproof dog coats, like the Monsoon Coat are made using a waterproof Houndtex layer that is breathable, lightweight, and come in a wide range of sizes to ensure the best fit for your dog. At Homes Alive Pets, we carry Hurtta rain jackets for all seasons to help keep your pooch dry, warm, and clean.