Wonpet Feather Dangler - 18 Inches

by Wonpet
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  • Feather cat toy for cats
  • Uses a large plush feathers and mouse
  • Great for enticing and interacting with your cat 
  • Available only in one size 

WonPet Feather Dangler is an interactive toy to engage and keep your cat entertained. This toy uses a small ball with a large plush feather, string and a mouse to grab your cat's attention and have him running to this teaser. Teaser toys are an excellent way for your cat to burn off energy and strengthen the bond between you and your cat.  

WonPet Feather Dangler is 45.7 cm (18") in size.


Please supervise your cat with this toy at all times. If any damage to the product starts to appear, please remove the toy immediately.