PetStages Toss 'N Twinkle Catnip Cat Toys - 3 Pack

by PetStages
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  • 3 pack of cute & crinkly cat toys
  • Light up blue star for nighttime play
  • Light up blue star is touch-activate
  • All 3 toy contain catnip

The PetStages Toss 'N Twinkle Catnip Cat Toys - 3 Pack is great for play either during the day or night. These toys are filled with catnip to add more fun for your cat while they bat or kick around the toys. Each set comes with one toy that lights up for nighttime play.


  • Kittens under the age of 6-8 weeks do not usually react to catnip, but adult cats do
  • Cats usually respond for 10 to 15 minutes, then will relax and need a break to reset
  • Catnip is from the mint family
  • Do not store catnip in the freezer
  • Catnip is extremely safe for cats


Make sure to choose the right size toy for your cat and remember no toy is indestructible. Remember to watch your cat when they are playing with toys and make sure to inspect the toys regularly for any damage. Should the toy break, please discard and get a new toy for your cat.

Dried Catnip