Catnip Toys

Shop our various catnip toys, sure to bring the kitten out of any cat. Catnip is a type of mint that is perfectly safe for cats, and loved by most of them. When sniffing catnip through a toy, like a cat kicker toy or catnip ball, you might notice your cat get super excitable as their happy receptors are triggered. Catnip toys are a perfect way to entertain your kitty and make for a very exciting playtime!

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  1. KONG PlaySpaces Cloud
    KONG PlaySpaces Cloud
    List Price: $26.49 Our Price: $22.99 Our Price: $22.99 You Save: $3.50 (13%)
  2. Mad Cat Frisky Fringe Wand
    Mad Cat Frisky Fringe Wand
    List Price: $25.99 Our Price: $23.99 Our Price: $23.99 You Save: $2.00 (8%)

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Catnip-Filled Toys and Balls

Cats have natural predator instincts, which is why they love to pounce, swat, and kick. Just like interactive toys and wands, catnip toys tend to be a fan favourite. 

Catnip toys are a great way to hold their attention and keep them busy, allowing them to be the feline predator they think they are. Catnip is perfectly safe for your kitty, so if one of your catnip toys or kickers happens to get ripped open, there is nothing to worry about!

If you’re looking for a tough, durable toy filled with catnip, check out the Yeowww! Stinkies Catnip Sardines or the KONG Refillables Hedgehog Catnip Cat Toy

For some quality time with your cat, try the interactive Mad Cat Cookies and Milk Wand

Searching for a simple catnip toy to keep your feline friend busy? Check out the Pawbreakers MegaBonkas Catnip Ball for a virtually mess-free catnip ball perfect for any playtime.