Be One Breed Prism Scratcher

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  • Wall mounted scratcher for cats
  • Helps maintain your cat's nails
  • Can be a mountain with double-sided tape or screws - double-sided tape included
  • Pads are easy to remove from frame
  • Easy to customise and decorate with other prism scratchers
  • Ideal for places with limited floor space
  • Available in cardboard, carpet and sisal

Keep your cat's nails maintain with Be One Breed Prism Scratcher; this is a hexagon shaped scratcher designed to be wall mounted using either double-sided tape or screws. The unique shape allows you to arrange the scratcher with other types or prism scratchers to add variety to your cat's scratching needs and a modern design for your wall. 

The pads can be easily removed for a quick clean or replaced by opening the frame of the scratcher. Prism Scratchers are ideal for places with limited floor space or variety with your cat's other scratchers. Please see the specifications tab for more information. Available in cardboard, carpet and sisal.

Be One Breed Prism Scratcher Measurements

25x25x2 cm (10x10x0.7")

Please place scratcher where your cat likes to scratch. It is recommended to place about 88 cm (35") from the ground, minimal 38 cm (15"), max 139 cm (55"). Please make sure the scratcher is secured on the wall before your cat uses it. Replace the scratch pad when needed.