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  1. Fresh News Recycled Paper Cat Litter
    Fresh News Recycled Paper Cat Litter
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    Naturally Fresh Non-Clumping Natural Pellet Litter
    Naturally Fresh Non-Clumping Natural Pellet Litter
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  3. ökocat Dust Free Non-Clumping Paper Pellet Cat Litter
    ökocat Dust Free Non-Clumping Paper Pellet Cat Litter
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    Cranky Frank Hemp Kitty Litter
    Cranky Frank Hemp Kitty Litter
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    Cat Love Daily Scoops Recycled Paper Litter
    Cat Love Daily Scoops Recycled Paper Litter
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Pellet Cat Litter Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of wood pellets for cat litter are used?

Wood pellets made specifically for cat litter are usually made from 100% natural pine or other biodegradable materials, without any added chemicals or fragrances.

Where can I buy wood pellets for cat litter?

Wood pellets for cat litter can be purchased at pet stores, some grocery stores, online retailers, or stores specializing in sustainable products. We sell an array of wood pellets for cat litter at Homes Alive Pets.

Is pine pellet cat litter more environmentally friendly?

Yes, pine pellet cat litter is environmentally friendly as it is biodegradable and made from sustainable, often recycled, wood sources.

Can pine litter control odours effectively?

Pine cat litter Canada is naturally good at controlling odours due to the pine's inherent scent and high absorbency.

How do I dispose of pine pellet cat litter?

Pine pellet cat litter can be disposed of in the trash, and in some cases, it is compostable, but avoid composting it if it contains cat waste.

What are the cons of using pine kitty litter?

The cons include possible mess from the breakdown into sawdust, some cats may not like the texture, and it might not clump as traditional litters do.

Shop Pellet Cat Litter in Canada

Pine pellet cat litter is an eco-friendly and natural alternative to traditional clay or silica-based litters. Made from compressed pine wood, these pellets offer a sustainable and biodegradable option for cat owners.

When used in a litter box, pine pellet cat litter absorbs liquid and breaks down into sawdust, which can then be easily disposed of or composted. This type of litter is known for its natural pine scent, which helps neutralize odours without the need for artificial fragrances.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, pine litter is also highly absorbent. Pellet litter, including pine and paper cat litter, is effective at absorbing liquid and controlling odour.

Unlike clay litters, pine and recycled paper litter for cats do not produce a lot of dust, making them a great choice for cats and owners with respiratory sensitivities. Newspaper cat litter, another form of pellet litter, is similarly dust-free and gentle on paws, providing a comfortable option for cats.

Pine kitty litter, along with other wood pellet cat litters, offers several advantages but also has some drawbacks to consider. One of the pros is that it's generally more affordable than some other eco-friendly litters and is easy to handle due to its lightweight nature.

However, some cats may take time to adjust to the texture and size of litter pellets, as they are larger and feel different underfoot compared to traditional fine-grained litters. The breakdown of pellets into sawdust can sometimes create a mess around the litter box area.

Despite these considerations, pellet litter for cats is gaining popularity due to its environmental benefits and natural odour control properties.

Wood pellet cat litter, in particular, is an excellent choice for pet owners looking for a sustainable and effective litter solution. It's important to introduce any new litter type gradually to allow your cat to adjust comfortably to the change.

Shop Homes Alive Pets for pellet cat litter for your furry feline friend. We carry a wide range of wood pellet cat litter brands such as ökocat Dust Free Paper Pellets Cat Litter and Cat Love Daily Scoops Recycled Paper Litter. When deciding if pellet cat litter is right for your furry friend, you’ll want to consider wood pellet cat litter pros and cons.